How DebtBuster® Works

DebtBuster® is a three-step action plan designed to educate those who have debt on how to develop a positive mindset towards becoming debt free. The action plan focuses all efforts on eliminating one debt at a time to create debt-reduction momentum. This strategy allows you to focus debt reduction efforts on reaching an attainable goal. So, no matter where you are in your journey to become debt-free, you can start today. You can start now. Here's how:
Stop using your credit cards.
Don’t spend money you don't have on things you don't need.
Start with the credit card with the lowest balance.
Identify the credit card with the lowest balance and begin paying an additional amount (as much as you can afford above the minimum monthly payment). Continue making minimum monthly payments for all other credit cards. Choose a monthly payment amount that fits within your budget and stick to it.
Repeat step two with your next credit card.
Once the first credit card is paid in full, identify the next credit card with the lowest balance. Continue focusing all debt reduction efforts by applying these same payment principles to one credit card at a time.

Momentum Money

With each credit card debt eliminated, the amount of money you have available (momentum money) to allocate towards paying off the next debt increases. This is how the debt reduction process is accelerated.

The Truth about Credit Cards

Credit card companies lend money to borrowers in exchange for paying it back at a high interest rate. These interest rates accumulate on minimal monthly payments, and unfortunately keep millions of Americans mired in debt for decades. Here is an example payment plan for a typical credit card:





It will take 9 YEARS and 1 MONTH to pay this credit card debt in full when making only minimum monthly payments.

How long will it take to pay off your credit cards by making only the minimum monthly payments?
Find out now and fill out the fields in the debt calculator below using information from your most recent credit card statements.

Credit Card (e.g. Wells Fargo Visa)
Balance Owed
Interest Rate
Minimum Payment*
Credit Card
Balance Owed
Interest Rate
Minimum Payment
Add another Credit Card
Please enter your credit card debts.
Payment entered is less than 3-4% of unpaid debt.
*Minimum payment entered into calculator must equal or exceed 3-4 percent of unpaid debt. Monthly payment must equal or exceed monthly interest accrued on your credit card or your balance will continue to increase. This calculator is applicable to credit card debt and is intended for educational purposes only. Do not use this calculator for mortgages or bank loans. The information entered on this webpage is not stored and is for your viewing purposes only.* Be sure to consult a financial professional prior to relying on the results.


A typical mortgage loan for $200,000 with a 30-year payment term will actually cost you $323,312.18 to pay off, due to interest accrued throughout the life of the loan. Adding momentum money – an additional amount of money that is above your minimum monthly payment – can significantly reduce your payment term, total pay off amount and total interest paid.


30 years




Fill in the fields below using your own mortgage numbers to calculate your payment plan and potential payoff scenarios when momentum money is applied.*

Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Mortgage term in years
Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Mortgage term in years
Please enter your mortgage information.
Invalid interest rate.
Invalid term in years.


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"DebtBuster® helped us put a plan in place to pay down debt." – Dennis and Angela Tumlin (Tennessee)

Our lives were busy, and Dennis and I had little time to spend with each other or our kids. We were chasing our dreams and racking up investment debt and personal debt along the way. Our mindset shifted when we learned about DebtBuster® at National Success School in 2013. We saw testimonies from others who had utilized this program and decided that we wanted more for our family – we wanted to enjoy living life, debt-free.

It took commitment, financial sacrifice and some serious adjustments to our budget, but we made it out of debt a little at a time. By having a solid plan in place, consistently working hard, utilizing our primary income and extra earnings from our AdvoCare business, we are now debt free and have more options on the table for our family.

Living debt free allows us to invest more time and energy into our family instead of worrying about how we’re going to pay off all our debt.

How we did it
Living within our means and reducing expenses in all possible categories of our budget.
Evaluated all investments and sold non-income assets.
Applied disposable income or AdvoCare momentum money to smallest debt first.
Paid off smallest debts first and rolled extra funds over to larger debts.
Used equity from investment of property sale to pay off remaining debts.
With the help of the DebtBuster® program, we developed a positive shift in our mindset in regards to paying interest, which helped us stay motivated throughout the process.

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