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Overview Program Details Tools & Resources

The AdvoCare ONE/80™ focuses on your transformation from the inside out.* Use the tools below as you complete your AdvoCare ONE/80™ program and build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.*


Throughout the 80 days and beyond, track your progress and stay accountable with the AdvoCare ONE/80™ Transformation Journal:
  • Nutrition
    Understand what to eat, when to eat and how much food you should be eating with a healthy, balanced diet
  • Physical Activity
    Track your exercise and get tips on how to stay active
  • Stress Management
    Learn healthy ways you can help manage and overcome occasional stress that comes along with daily life
  • Sleep
    Keep track of your daily sleep and learn tips for improving your sleeping environment
  • Supplementation
    See how AdvoCare products can fit into your day to help you reach your goals

Prepare for success and stay accountable along the way as you fill out this journal before and during the first 24 days of your journey.
Transformation Journal 1
Transformation Journal 2

Continue to write down your daily goals, exercise, meals and track your supplements in this journal designed for use during both the 28-Day Optimize™ & 28-Day Lifestyle™.


Print this PDF and take it with you to make sure you stay on track at the grocery store! The food list in the Grocery Guide coincides with the recommendations found in your Transformation Journal.


One of the biggest mistakes that people make throughout their healthy lifestyle journey is to focus all of their attention to results on the scale. It is important to remember that your results are so much more than numbers on a scale -body composition, daily energy levels, and overall quality of life are just a few of the ways that you can track your progress. Print out the table below or use the Measurement Guide in your Transformation Journal to take your measurements at each step of the way.


Pictures are a great way to keep track of your progress throughout your journey. Keep the photos in a place you’ll remember, by either saving them in your phone or computer or by posting them in your Transformation Journal. In order to get an accurate sense of how your body is changing, here are a few guidelines we recommend:
  • Have someone else take your picture, like a family member or friend, or use a tripod in order to take a full body picture that shows you from head to toe
  • Hold a newspaper or use a time stamp to depict the date you took the picture
  • Do not retouch or modify your photo – this is your way of showing your authentic journey
  • Choose a location that is well lit and in front of a plain wall. Minimize any clutter in the picture so that the focus is on you
  • Swimwear or tight-fitting fitness attire is best. You want to show your curves but also keep modesty in mind in case you decide to share your progress pictures with other people
  • Stand up straight and maintain the same posture each time you take a progress picture
  • Use the same lighting, pose, location and preferably the same clothing for each photo
  • Take multiple angles: straight on facing the camera with your hands relaxed or on your hips, facing backwards away from the camera, and one profile shot facing sideways
Male Front
Male Side View
Male Front
Male Side View

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