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Crystal and Mark Thurber
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Crystal-Former Account Executive

I was first introduced to ADVOCARE in 1995 by my best friend-Marcy O'Hickey- she shared Spark with me and I LOVED it- it helped me be more productive in the morning! Due to some past experiences I would not look at the AdvoCare business for 7 years. But circumstances change and change they did.

In October 2001- I had been taking a hard look at our circumstances-I knew that if things did not change I would forever be on the treadmill of life! I was working 75 hours a week at the time, driving 45 min to and from work and the company I was with was in bankruptcy- needless to say I wanted out! In 2001 my income grew to over 100,000 a year and we still could not get ahead- we were drowning in debt with no plan to get out we were necessity charging- charging groceries and gasoline just to make ends meet. We argued all of the time about finances. It all changed when a co-workers wife asked me what I was always drinking- I KNEW then that ADVOCARE was the solution we had been searching for! For the first time in a long time we had hope- we placed our Advisor order 2 days later. My first day on products I felt like a million dollars and sold 500.00 worth of products that day!

In my first month using the Success System ADVOCARE has in place- I earned and extra 1500.00 with a VERY part Time effort. I was looking for a more productive day and loved the energy of the products, Mark lost 17 pounds of body fat in 6 weeks and has since put it back on in lean muscle! My first full year in AdvoCare- we earned $20,000. 2003-$45,000, 2004-$73,000, 2005-$100,000 and and just had our largest year in 2012- Nearly $1 Million in Income. I worked this mostly by myself Since Jan of 2002 and recently my husband who has owned his own business for 32 years just jumped on board! Using the FREE DebtBuster System we have paid off over $500,000 worth of debt and enjoy of life of debt freedom.. TRUE FREEDOM only comes when you are Debt Free! We have been so blessed in our journey and now earn $85,000-$90,000 per month and are on pace for this to double in the next 12 months.. thanks to the Wellness Revolution.

This is a dream come true for us- We are so thankful for the Vision of the Founder Charlie Ragus.. teaching us that In AdvoCare.. We Build Champions.. and are Difference Makers In the Lives of Others.. Reminding us that it is all about Who you Become In Pursuit of Those Things you want in Life.

We love pouring our lives into others to help them achieve thier goals. Our passion is to help others who are where we were, searching desperately for a solution to debt- either time debt or financial debt... and help them break free! We were most recently able without financial worry to relocate by choice to Kansas City, MO.. to be with Crystal's ailing father.. nothing is worse than the pain of regret.. thankfully we will be able to spend those last precious months with Crystal's Father.

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Crystal and Mark Thurber

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