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To Shanna & Jeremie Tokarsky's


Shanna & Jeremie Tokarsky
As CrossFit Coaches and wellness advocates it was extremely important for us to find safe, beneficial nutritional products that we could comfortably recommend to our friends, family and clients. When we were introduced to AdvoCare we had our doubts. After years of being let down by performance, weight loss and energy supplements, we had trained ourselves to believe that none of them worked. Impressed with AdvoCare after doing our own research we decided to give it a try. Desperately trying to kick our pot of coffee a day addiction, we ordered Spark. Spark has changed our lives. We no longer drink coffee and have more energy than we have ever had! No more crashing or stained teeth! We drink one serving in the morning and are pumped all day. Not to mention we feel awesome. After seeing the such great results with Spark we then started on the herbal cleanse, and added in MNS, OmegaPlex, meal replacement shakes, and catalyst (The 24Day Challenge) to our daily routine. We are also competing CrossFit athletes so we add in a lot of the performance elite line into our daily routine to maximize workouts. Our results have been phenomenal! Shanna has shaved significant times off her WODs, had huge strength gains, dropped 8% body fat and went down 2 pant sizes. For a trainer that worked out 6 times a week and ate a very strict paleo diet this is impressive! "Before I started on the products I thought that my body was in the best shape it could be in and I was going to settle. Every morning I wake up thankful that I didn't! I am a firm believer that you can achieve any fitness goal when you have the right tools!" Jeremie lost 68lbs in the first 6months of being on the products and has added 25lbs of lean muscle mass in the past year while maintaining his 7% body fat. He too has seen significant gains in his work capacity. "To be 68lbs lighter to me doesn't seem like a lot of weight, until you have to carry 68 pound sand bags. I do that now to get a workout, its crazy to think I was carrying it around all the time. I never knew how exhausting it made me feel, until it was gone. AdvoCare's 24 Day Challenge system and performance elite products rocked my body and changed my life. There is a noticeable difference in my WOD times, strength gains, and recovery times when I combine the AdvoCare products to my Paleo lifestyle. I will never go a day without having AdvoCare products running through my body again!" -Jeremie Tokarsky "Impossible is not a word. It is just an excuse for someone not to TRY!! Stay Strong, The Tokarskys

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Interested in hearing more?