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In 2012 I was introduced to AdvoCare, and it started with AdvoCare Spark®.

I own a fitness business locally in Virginia and I have seen amazing results in both myself and my clientele. I started with a 24 Day Challenge, and had 14 other challenger along with me. We collectively lost over 200lbs together!

Supplement programs go hand-in-hand with exercise programming... and since our health industry is inundated with junk and misinformation, people seek our advice as fitness professional. They look at our bodies and want to be able to achieve the same results. We need to be able to trust a company and their products to be able to endorse it. So many professional athletes use Advocare's Performance Elite line of products and have notices substantial changes in my muscle definition and fat-loss as I trained for Physique competitions.

The health and wellness line of products I have personally seen transform lives of many of my family members, including my mother who lost 60lbs with Advocare Well and Active product lines.

The beauty of Advocare is not only are their products safe and affective, but also they give impetus to an opportunity to gain financial freedom and influence lives and help people for the better. What better gift than to provide wellness and financial security to friends and family? I don't know of any.

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