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Chad Waters
When I was first introduced to Advocare I was very skeptical. I had tried many supplements before only to be disappointed. I was a college baseball player and had had problems with my throwing arm. After I reviewed the company and noticed the great science and all of the athletic endorsers along with many college and professional strength and conditioning coaches giving their recommendation I decided that was all the information I needed to know. I had never seen anything like the science behind the products or the athletic endorsers. 4 weeks after taking the product I was convinced the stuff worked.

My wife Jaime began taking the product after she realized what it had done for me. She experienced great results, just like I had. She had increased her overall health and has gained great energy.

I have always been a health conscious person and friends have always leaned on me for exercise and nutrition advice. So our next step in Advocare was easy.

We began to share the product with friends and family. And in a few short weeks they were experiencing great results as well.

Because the product works so well we have a business on our hands. If you have any questions regarding my testimony, or just want to hear more about Advocare, feel free to emaiil me at (attn. Advocare)

Thank you

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