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Robert & Jodi Mamula
Diamond distributors & business developer

5 and a half years ago when we found Advocare I was working 80+ hours per week as a college strength coach, and Jodi was pursuing her dreams of performing on Broadway. I was incredibly skeptical of supplements and direct sales. I knew one thing though, that my friend and co-worker was making great income and I wanted what he had. So the first thing we did was put products in our body-

I lost 18 pounds and 6% body fat in 2 months and Jodi gained tons of energy and replaced her coffee habit. Then we started consistently sharing. Applying some part time effort outside of our busy employment schedule we were able to build our business up and allow me to step-away from coaching so I could be a full time husband after just 2 years. The income we earn from Advocare allows us time and financial freedom we never thought possible.

Our passion is paying it forward to our team. Our vision is to create an army of individuals experiencing that same freedom so they can pursue their true passion in life. Advocare is about great health and great income but it's more about leadership. It's about who you become in pursuit of those in life that you want. We invite you to join us on this journey.

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