Chrissy Wilson
Smyrna, TN
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Chrissy Wilson
This is the beginning of our journey with AdvoCare. The place we are in now is financially tight as we are raising money to adopt a little boy in Eastern Europe. We are not far away from going to get him but we are far from our goal of funds needed to get there. We are also lacking in energy, eating completely unhealthy meals, have high cholesterol and such and tired of the stuckness we feel. I have seen many people I know start to take AdvoCare products or sell them. The success stories are amazing on both ends!

I look forward to writing here our story as we go through this process. We are already feeling better and are motivated just from the opportunity that lies before us and the hope it brings us. We have taken a Spark and have felt the effects of just that one energy drink and we are excited what we can accomplish for our physical health and energy to get our family to where we feel God leading us.

We are on our way to making $10k a month income, being fit physically and financially, and having freedom in time and resources for the glory of God!

Let us help you to do the same!

Drew Brees

AdvoCare Spark®

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