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Cynthia Alsup
Why use Advocare Nutritional Supplements?

Advocare products are the favorites of many world class athletes for improving performance, increasing energy and improving recovery. The products are formulated, produced and overseen by a panel of prestigious researchers and scientists. I have been impressed by the energy and clarity of mind the products give me. The pro-biotic products in particular have helped my family get and stay regular.

These products can help you dramatically improve healthy regularity, healthy weight, healthy energy and healing using the purest, highest quality ingredients and best science available.

Purchase Advocare Products Right Here
To purchase Advocare products click on the "Shop Now" link above and browse my on-line Advocare store by category. You can order on-line and have products shipped directly to you

Kick Off – A Good Starting Point
Advocare recommends that everyone who is new to the product line complete a 24 day challenge that starts with a cleanse and ends with weight and health maintenance. This is a gentle cleanse that restores healthy intestinal flora & increases your absorption rate for nutrients from both food and nutritional supplements.

Get A 20-40% Wholesale Discount On Advocare Products
For a $79.00 + tax & shipping you can sign up as a member, get $50.00 worth of Advocare product samples and enjoy a 20% discount off retail pricing on all products for an entire year. You can renew your membership each year for $50 to secure your discount. Purchase more volume and lock in upwards of of 40% off retail. Once you earn a discount level you keep it for life as long as you renew annually. Contact me for more info on how you can earn the maximum discount level of 40% on this great product line.

Looking For An Affordable Home-Based Business Opportunity?
Advocare is expanding and offers one of the most affordable home-based business franchise opportunities in the United States for as little as $79.00 + tax & shipping. If you are interested in joining Cynthia’s Advocare and want to learn more about having your own nutritional consulting business contact her e-mail below. No experience is necessary and all training is provided.

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